The Top Five Flash Mobs

By definition, a flash mob is supposed to be a large group of people who seemingly assemble randomly in public, perform and then blend into the fabric of those going about their daily business. The viral popularity of these events don’t generally include publicity stunts or events organized by public relations firms or marketers and advertisers. But for the purpose of this article we will expand the boundaries on this because some of these are just too good not to share.

You may have seen these flash mob performances, or perhaps others, when they landed in your inbox from a friend. In case you’re wondering where these came from or why they’re suddenly so popular, here are some background details: Flash mobs are a form of performance art that reportedly got their start in New York City in 2003, when an editor for Harper’s Magazine did them as a social experiment to satire hipsters and conformity. Judging by the viral popularity of the many different flash mobs performed all over the world since the original experiment, he may have created something different from what he originally intended.

Here are the Top Five Flash Mob performances:

#1: Probably the most remarkable flash mob was the “Sound of Music” done in March, 2009 in an Antwerp, Belgium Train Station – with over 21 Million hits it’s pretty safe to say it has inspired a legion of imitators:

#2: At a grocery store in Queens, New York, theatre group Improv Everywhere surprise shoppers by performing an original song using fruits as a metaphor for peace, love and understanding. I love the guy at the end “I guess they do this here maybe…”

#3: Watch as unsuspecting shoppers get a real taste of the Christmas Spirit at a mall food court when 100 people perform “Hallelujah”. Some fine singing and the reactions are almost as enjoyable:

#4: Not to be left out, advertisers are trying to get in on the flash mob viral craze, but this one from Air Canada stands out for me because it’s in the spirit of Christmas:

#5: I really have to hand it to the teaching staff at Walnut Grove Secondary in Langley, British Columbia… watch these teachers bust a move and show the kids how it’s done! Performing the “Glee” version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” they really find a way to motivate, inspire and engage their students!
Bonus: Okay, no flash mob list would be complete without a Michael Jackson song, and since this one was performed at a wedding it warrants a mention on this list even if it’s after the fact:

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!




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  1. Kim Culbert says:

    These are great… and here is one more… the best wedding toast EVER:

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