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No sooner had I awoken from my turkey slumber and shaken off that post-holiday fuzz, we were pleased to see temperatures in my local area plummet to about -22 degrees Celcius and a nice light dusting of snow. By light dusting I mean about 15cms in less than a day.
I had actually been waiting for these weather conditions and now they were just perfect to get out there and shoot something. I was handed the keys to a new 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV, and was given permission to go and play in the snow.
The objective, of course, was to show off the rugged handling, sleek good looks and all-out fun of the Tiguan. What’s with the name, you ask? Well, Tiguan is apparently the hybrid of words ’Tiger’ and ‘Iguana’ (Leguan in German). I am not fibbing either. You can ask the folks at Volkswagen, who claim the Tiguan name was voted on and chosen by consumers.
Not that it really matters, but I can go along with VW for the Tiger geneology – who doesn’t love the agile, aggresive, cat-like attributes of a Tiger? Unless of course, you’re a three-legged, plus-size gazelle who is about to become the main course at a Serengeti buffet. But I’m not sure about the Iguana namesake though - do you want your vehicle to be associated with a scaly, cold blooded reptile that shies away from chilly weather?
Name debate aside, the Tiguan handles very well in the snow, as demonstrated by the commercial we shot. Thanks to local stock car driver Chris Arronge who gladly took the wheel and my direction as I asked for specific manoeuvers like ’Rockford’ and ’4 wheel drift’. It really helped to have someone who could confidently push the Tiguan to handle less than ideal road conditions, which it did very well. Thanks also to my client for being so enthusiastic about the concept and for their patience as we waited for the snow to fall.
I had a specific idea in my head for having light-hearted classical music and slo-mo footage of a car lost in a spray of white powder, and I think we definitely achieved that. Anyway, enough pontificating on my part. I hope you enjoy the commercial.
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