“life in miniature” 

“life in miniature” is a time lapse movie of Prince George that will shift people’s perspectives on how they view the city. It’s an opportunity to see PG through a new lens.

This short movie will appeal to the child in everyone. Using the Tilt/Shift method of photography, it creates a miniature effect so that buildings, people, traffic and landmarks appear to be part of a toy village. To achieve this, most shots were taken from a high vantage point using existing landscapes and cranes or bucket lifts. Magical music and sped up sound effects really complement the photography.

“life in miniature” also serves as a time capsule of Prince George leading up to Centennial Celebrations, and it is hoped to appeal to viewer’s curiosity and enhance community pride.

Now playing at the Exploration Place in Prince George, BC.


image4ABOUT MICK – “life in miniature”

Mick Harper is a local timelapse photographer, digital storyteller and brand filmmaker. The inspiration for the “life in miniature” project came from seeing other Tilt/Shift timelapse movies and feeling a strong desire to see one of Prince George. To show off the beauty of the local landscape and reflect the love of our community. All labour for the project was generously donated as it was fuelled by passion.